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Now I know how the smart people feel

It felt like myself receiving a limited pass to this ultra high society club. And it came along with myself trying not to lose my straight A+’s, but failing. It’s so hard! I should’ve known my 104% in biology wouldn’t last. No matter how many perfect scores I get afterwards, that 104% isn’t going to last.

So when I got a lousy 90% on a quiz, I was so pissed off and made my neighbor pissed off at me, because she got a B and was okay with it. It’s probably the first time in my life I’ve ever been unhappy with an A-.

And then I got a B- on my AP Stats test and was so stunned, because there went my A+ and in came the B. I was so sure to get a pure A or above. And French 4… damn I forgot how hard French was. So many C’s and several failing grades for a KO punch at round 1, first grading period. Maybe that’s why I felt I had to go over and beyond for my French conversation. Just threw in a ton of passe comps and imparfaits. Include as much vocabulary. Throw in a dash of humor to better class/teacher reception (okay, maybe more than a dash) and then proofread that one and a half page script for two hours for those little errors. That particular assignment was honed and specially designed for that 95+%, a special forces assignment to cover the mistakes those other standard reg assignments, while would excel in any other class, failed in French. French is that one major exception class where a kid could be happy with a C… and not be an anomaly among his colleagues. But not for me anymore!

But I need those A’s!


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