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It’s late in September and I’m already looking ahead one month. Yep you guessed it. College applications. I’m not too worried about it, unless I wanted to enter mine in with the rest of the early response papers. Which… I’m thinking about.

But that’s not all. Nearly a month away is Halloween, one of my favorite holidays. It’s not the candy, or the costumes, or the frights. For me, Halloween is the perfect excuse to walk around a dark neighborhood past family curfew with a group of friends. For the 3rd year in a row, if I keep this up, I’m… again… a Special Operations soldier! With cautious steps and gun always forward, I walk, look, and lurk. With me in existence, I could put the shadows to shame and put men to their deaths. And I could do all of that in such an unceremonious manner that it wouldn’t seem anymore special then a short drive to school. However, my true purpose, is secrecy.

Ha! Of course it wasn’t me who assassinated a high level terrorist. He caused the U.S. so much pain and sorrow and because of that, a supposedly loyal servant of his stabbed him in his house. Sure, I was in the country. But it so wasn’t me.

I don’t exist.

The first year, all I had was the uniform. Last year, I walked around with a dinky airsoft handgun. And this year? My final Halloween weapon?

Is brewing inside my bedroom as we speak! And what’s even more, it will be made of 95% computer paper, and 5% glue!



And it’s so damn complex it might as well take me the entire month to finish.



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