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Hey, thanks everyone for your support. I couldn’t think of something to follow up, so I decided to sketch a ministory. Hope you enjoy it. For best effect, and I highly recommend this, listen to the music while reading it. Try to follow the pace of the music. Having trouble imbedding. For now, just start a new tab and copy/paste the link. Thanks!

The four inch high origami ballerina was twirling when she slipped on dust and fell. She was practicing her masterpiece routine on the top of a white bookshelf on her own. Groaning and close to tears, she clambered onto her knees and took a long look at Andrea’s room, still breathing hard. She could see the newborn pigeon finding a warm spot on the windowsill and settling down for a warm nap. A white pony was grazing on dust. A small kid as high as the pony’s knees was trying to clamber up and ride it, as he did every day, but in vain. Near the door, an elephant was pacing back and forth as a smaller one followed it, while a white unicorn and a brilliant red Chinese dragon was lost in a garden of paper flowers that constantly open and close their petals.

How lucky they were she thought. The ballerina loved dancing and constantly practiced to keep herself occupied. But still, a little company would be lovely. Up here at fifteen feet, she continued to live and practice, unnoticed. Letting out a sigh, the ballerina sat and began stretching for another lonely day when a scrap of paper, half buried in dust, caught her eyes.

A small, hopeful smile etched on her face, and she started wondering. Is it really possible? She dragged the paper towards the center of the top of the shelf so she could have more room to work. It was already a neat square, so she started folding. A blue, flying whale groaned as it flew pass, a mere three feet beneath where she stayed. She kept folding and bending. At times, she would scrape her hands in the dust to try and visualize what she had to do next.  When the folds were too big, she would have to scrape the edges with her slippers and walk on it for good measure. She kept at it, not resting for a minute. A fold here, a small twist there. Easy as dancing.

At long last, she was down to her final crease. It must’ve been days, possibly weeks. Yet, as she looked out the window, the sun hadn’t moved an inch across the sky. It still had the same hue of yellow and orange as it had when she first fell at her twirl. She looked down at her would-be companion.

She prayed with all her might and closed her eyes harder than she had ever done in her life. She felt around for the angle, and slowly creased the final fold, concentrating all of her willpower towards her fingers. She hoped. She longed. One day…

The brown puppy quivered, still lying on its side. Eyes still shut tight, the ballerina thought it was her hand trembling from exhaustion and apprehension. The puppy looked at his tail with a confused whine, where the ballerina’s hand was grasped firmly. He nudged at it with his curious nose and the ballerina slowly opened her eyes, realizing.

Finally realizing…


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2 Responses

  1. angelica says:

    That’s rite! The music did help! Nice story!

  2. teriyakifan says:

    Hmm… I always thought that Eddie arbitrarily chose you to be head of origami for the Lunar Moon Festival, but I never realized that you had a liking for it =) Your story’s very interesting…

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