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Chapter 1

Andrea was an attractive sixteen year old French/Italian girl who lived in the town of Romorantin-Lanthenay. It was almost exactly fifty miles east of Tours itself. She knew this because when she was little, she had a worn World Atlas that had belonged to her older sister. She would take her ruler and draw a line to all of those places that she would like to travel when she grew up. Andrea would run to her father, who’d teach her how to measure the distance from their little city to the places of her dreams using just the length of the line she drew. Father always knew these kinds of things, him being a pilot in the Marine Nationale and all she thought.

Maps and distances aside, Andrea had a secret that she wouldn’t share with anyone to the outside world: origami. She was a natural. The Japanese art of paper folding became a source of magic, a source of inspiration, but most importantly, a source of friendship. Literally. A sheet of paper became a dog, a bird, anything she pleased.

As the early morning motor traffic rushed outside, a pigeon made from an article from the newspaper “Le Journal du Centre” materialized with her final crease in her room. It started walking.

“There must’ve been some form of magic within her fingertips,” her parents thought. The first time her family saw her earliest creation, a Chinese jumping frog, it leaped across the room towards a bowl of dog food and gave a deep croak that made her sister stomp on it in fright. Her precious newborn pigeon she finished gave her a little “coo” and fluttered around her room before perching itself next to a sleeping rooster and a grazing horse. She smiled at them fondly before grabbing her bag to go to class.

If this story is too retarded, YOU LET ME KNOW! so I can stop making a fool out of myself. This story will officially end when a 2/3rds vote is reach by the House of Friends. I won’t veto. (US Gov =D)


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6 Responses

  1. map0wt0fu says:

    politics dude? don’t worry about it, it’s what you like anyways, so why should we hate it

  2. afreshen says:

    do continue!

    the origami part sounds like you, a natural.

  3. Thomas F says:

    lol…y would we ever stop u? finish what uve started!!

  4. Fire says:

    err, take out the words “pixie dust” and it would be great…

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