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Everyone seems to be writing stories

so I guess I will too.

It was a dark and stormy night. … No.


An explosion off the coast of FUCK!

Damn… let’s see.

Time seemed to distort as the teacher passed out

Strawberries. Such a small fruit, yet at the time, larger than life.


Yesterday morning, I had Frosted Flakes for breakfast. Any event before that, no matter how epic, how significant, how distinguished, remains dark. Who am I?

…too Jason Bourne. (Tu sais qui je suis? Je ne sais pas qui je suis.)

I’ll tackle this some other time.

Senior year. Sucks. Ass. But things are looking up. If I keep this up. At home, it’s a whole different story. Nonstop yelling. Fights. I’d just lock myself up in my room and play some alternative while the storms rage downstairs. I used to be scared of that kind of stuff. Now I’m so tuned to it, so used to it, that it just becomes a major annoyance. How the hell do they expect me to DO any work? This is why I’m so damn tired! This is a major reason why my grades aren’t as good as they could be. And I’d bet this is why I almost killed myself. Maybe it isn’t depression. Just fucking annoyance. Or it caused my depression. Which fucking pulled down my grade. Chaboya. Damn! 4.0! NOW? When it really counts? Not good enough.

…off the coast of fuck? What was I thinking?


The main body was meant to be just a venting kind of thing and a roughdraft. I guess I’m insane for posting it.


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