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What I Like About You! (Mondays at 8?)

In no particular order…

Martin Nguyen – the face you make when you get owned

Vincent Leong – your personality towards new people (for the most part =P)

Sammi Pham – your experience

Saurav Agrawal – the sarcastic jokes you make… worthy of Chandler Bing!

Melanie Jee – your kindness

Kat Pham – your voice!!

Van Kieu – your high laughter

Esther Eng – your sensitivity

Eddie Troung – your helpfulness

Alex Nguyen – the night time convos

Eric Choi – your evil laughter, an odd mix with your kind personality

Vikki Nguyen – your sense of humor towards everything

Erik Feldmeier – your blunt pervertedness

Kevin Hseih – the way your head moves when you talk

Thomas Feldmeier – your interesting, drama-packed high school life

Ben Du – your crazy mix of your Australian/Chinese accents!

Audrey Trinh- your reserved personality towards me

Christine Dinh – whenever I’m with you, you remind me of a girl anime character

Edwin Truong – your attitude towards a good game of SSBM

Xi Chen – your leadership in our conversations, always making it interesting and unique

Teresa Le – your choice of words… stingy, whippy, expressiveness with your pen and voice.

Chris Marzono – your blunt sense of humor… cracks me up for some reason.

James Ta – your DJ-ness fills the pauses inbetween

Cassi Van – your laughter-filled conversations

Thanh Nguyen – cruel attitude makes you special in some way that words can’t describe…??

Marcus Tu – your special blend of sense of humor

Sammi Lee – your brisky attitude when I ask you for French hwk


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    In other news, I liked this post :]

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