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What do UFOs, Kevin Hsieh, avocado lunches, and Inuyasha have to do with this post?

Nothing at all. I don’t know about all of you guys, but for me, blogging is the perfect warmup before starting on homework. So how was all of your labor day break? Fun I hope?

For me, this labor day weekend was spent in Santa Cruz at Sunset State Beach camping with my relatives. This weekend could be described only as eventful.

Two days ago during lunch, what could only be described as two subsequent explosions occured in my uncle’s camp. A candle in the cool, ocean breeze was wrapped by the light, flammable table cloth, upturned by this invisible current by the beach. As the cloth caught fire, the flames slowly spread, and, surely but slowly, closed upon 2 bottles of wine, along with 2 full propane canisters just waiting to blow up.

In the aftermath, one bottle of wine, plus the two propane canisters, went up in flames. It was probably a miracle that no one was there (except the dog) during the explosions. This is what was left. A white table (due to the fire extinguisher) and a razed structure.

On a lighter note, I made met two new people at camping. They’re pretty cool. One of them is Rachel.

She’s 16, goes to Milpitas High. She’s not picky about her food. And she constantly scolds me about being “too whitewashed.” Ha! As if! She despises McDonald’s, though likes In-N-Out, and once saw 3 guys running naked in Vietnam, parts dangling and all. Oh, and she once had a bad experience with pineapple in Thailand.

She has an older brother, Lance, who’s 18. Lance is a classmate of Jacklyn’s, enjoys photography, dislikes Raging Waters, and fishes. I can’t seem to get a picture of Lance onto my blog, so you’ll just have to imagine him.

That’s basically the highlights of my weekend. 2 explosions, 2 new people (well, 4), 1 remaining bottle of wine, and 1 miraculously living Labrador.



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