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I feel like writing something

Last night, I was once again bombarded by several odd dreams that were stuffed with suspense, disbelief, with a small splash of the mundane. As if it’s a recipe for some kind of weird psychological hunger.

I was staying over at a friend’s house. Okay, this is the first weird part, as the person I was staying with, though my age, was no one I knew. She’s 17, middle-eastern I think, and had just stumbled onto an ingenious invention of a new kind of blinds that you put over your window. Random, eh? Later that night, two amateur culprits wearing black¬†entered and trespassed the house, taking the two of us hostage. With little time wasted, they escorted us into my friend’s room and had trouble closing the doors. (It was a big room and there were double doors, like the storage room in the community room at Tully library) Worried about my chances to escape, I walked over and assured to them, “Guys, guys, it’s good! Here I’ll close it!” and, reassured, the two culprits gave me a happy smile, and walked off, but not before warning me not to leave the room or else facing dire punishment. Unafraid, I decided to wait for five minutes, before walking down for a glass of water. They said “Hurry up,” and “You’re lucky it’s us guarding you. A few more hours and this big guy will take over.”

Then I went back up to the room and closed the double doors that barely close whatsoever and opened the huge window that my friend was trying the blinds on. We opened the window and walked to freedom!

Second dream involved myself driving a black Mercedes Benz that has an unresponsive brake and a sprinting engine that’s clearly on steroids. You piece together the rest >.<

This summer was extraordinary to say the very least. So many emotions ran high. New experiences were felt(or at least, old ones rediscovered). New people were met. History was made, concentrated into a span of two weeks, and there could will be more. And probably best of all, future plans have been made which totally proves that the end of summer does not equal to the end of the world for juniors in high school. So Bao. Looking back on these past two months, what have you done that made this summer special?


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