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A perfect vacation

Si j’avais assez d’argent et quand je finis les classes d’architecture dans ma universite prefere, je voudrais voyager en France avec mon bande de copains. Il y a beaucoup de choses que je veux faire avec leurs.

Nous arriverons au San Francisco intl. Si possible, je veux notre vol decoller apres minuit ou un heure. (It’s much more exciting for the flight to leave at 1 in the morning doncha think??) Je vais apporter mon iPod, un appareil-photo, un blouson (il va faire froid dans l’avion), beaucoup de bon bons (!!)

Well yeah, I typed the begining in french because that’s EXACTLY where I’d like to go (crap, I wish I knew how to make the accent marks). I wonder how la vie de Francais would be like.

Of course, going to a country for the sake of just being in the country wouldn’t make for an awesome vacation. That’s how a lot of my vacations go and that’s one mistake I shall not make. But what is there to do on the bustling streets of Paris? How about sending post at the Tour d’Eiffel? Or have lunch there if we have the euros. And then, ROADTRIP. How about all the way down to southern France? Hang out at the sandy beaches next to the Mediterranean. Play some American frisbee or some beach volleyball.

And if we get totally bored, there’s always talking really loud in English. Or just asking French people for directions. Or grab a bite at the French cafes. Wandering around in France seems like a fun way to get to know France better.

Getting lost in some European city as… European… as Paris. Sounds awesome.


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