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Sorry guys

but my house has lost all its internet, so I’m quite isolated from my blog. I’m here right now at my relative’s house with crappy dialup internet for one person (well two, but I can’t get on AIM and I don’t know if she’s on it even =[ ) : Chris.

So a happy belated birthday to Chris, another close friend
Another person set in birthday poem, oh boy is it becoming a trend
Funny, witty, trippy, sarcastic
Sunny, cunning, strangely bombastic

Drumming his fingers on the desk
He makes guns and bazookas with his fingers best
Upgrading them and pointing them at me so
And I point back, oh what fun (maybe you could give it a go?)

He’s into computers, guns, and games
Things weren’t as interesting before Chris came
Things were in fact, a bit more… lame
If you forgot… Chris is his name (haha, I dont’ know what else would rhyme >.<!)

But anyways, I digress, and oh look at the time
Before I go, there’s one last sentence to sum things up

Chris is soo fine

..ohh so fine.

Worth way more than a dime?

If you don’t agree, gee it should be a crime!

MUahahhaha, I totally slaughtered this poem. But, in the name of Chris, who’s totally hilarious and brings a bit more humor into my life, a poem like this should as well be dedicated to such a funny person.

Happy belated Birthday Chris.


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