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Androgynous head

As some of you know, I’ve recently embarked on my journey of learning how to draw manga. I’ve never been inspired to draw manga before until my eyes happened to gaze upon that picture featured in my post, “Three dreams worth mentioning.”

Marked by a brief but intense punch of inspiration, I shall make a page dedicated to my future works of art (I say this loosely because I won’t know if they’ll be good enough to be actually considered as art). So, I’ve requested art lessons from my three amazing cousins… so stay tuned.

And I found out my cousins bought a book to help teach me with, “Manga for Dummies.” Appropriate eh?

This page is mainly for me though… so I can view my progress without losing all of my drawings. And if you happen to see them, please be nice to me. =[


Lessons started on the 8th and I was started off by drawing the basic shape of the head of a person. I’ve never noticed that there were two types of faces, a femine and a masculine face. The femine face is the most versatile because besides taking the form of a woman, it will also suffice as a shape for teens/young adults, and little kids. Maybe this is why it’s also called the androgynous head.

That’s my first head! Haha, not bad if I do say so myself. 😀 

So then I was started on more views with the female head: front view, side view, and 3/4 view.

The more heads I drew, the more distorted and deformed my heads became. As you can see, I’ve had four attempts after my initial try above.

I would’ve thought the 3/4 view would be the most difficult, as it incorporates both the front and side views into one sketch. Actually now that I think about it, 3/4 view WAS difficult. Look at the first one. The ear is all… deformed? ut I think it got better. The front view is what fustrates me the most because the face always looks uneven. Doncha think?

On the upside, they’d make wonderful acorns once you chopped off the necks and sliced the ears.


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