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Three dreams worth mentioning…

Yesterday morning in the hours between one and eight occurred three dreams floundering in my mind, each filling me with a strong dose of adrenaline, fear, and extreme ecstasy. They were so amazing that I must tell people about it.

Watching Independence Day until one in the morning filled my mind with wild images of F-18s fighting it out with a lone, slab of curved metal hovering over what used to be L.A. Since then, it’s been me driving as far away with my Fremont friends as possible from the mothership hovering over the serene city of Milpitas in the later minutes of 9 pm. When will it move? When will it fire hell through it’s ass and incinerate the entire buildings in mere seconds? Thankfully, the aliens either just lost the will to fight, or they politely waited for our sedan to leave before destroying yet another tribute to mankind’s supremacy on Earth.

First dream subtely dissolved into a second one and I found myself in a desert base wearing a dark blue SWATuniform, black vest, and lethally clutching a P90… a gun. Umm.. yeah. More specifically…

that’s the gun. Haha, that kind of picture would be for guys with no life who’d unceasingly and loyaly sit in front of his monitor longing to get some. A nerd’s fantasy… I know what you’re all thinking (bastards). I’m SO not one of them. Gosh, I wish I was as strong as her though. I’ll get to that later, but in my dream, it required both of my arms to keep the submachine gun in check. Anyways, aiming and shooting at men wearing tuxedos and shades who are shooting back at you can give you quite a rush, real life or mental. Thankfully, I managed to stay alive until

my third dream entered. Now remember when I wish I was as strong as her? In my dream, I can say three words in one sentence while never being able to utter them in reality without attracting snickers and sarcastic remarks: I am buff! Now I’m talking lumps on the arms without even having to flex. And god, they felt firm. Ohh, soooo firm. Like seriously! When I saw Nam in my dreams jealously eyeing my arms and sporting a look that clearly broadcasted a loud WTF into the general vicinity, I could only think about keeping them this buff until the end of summer when I see the surprised looks on all of your faces (especially Eddie’s). Needless to say, I failed dismally and I woke up, closed my eyes, anxiously squeezing my sorry excuse for arms and thinking NO! They’re gone!

Ah well, at least I’m up to eleven pushups now.



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3 Responses

  1. Eddie says:

    HAHAHA. I would LOVE to see those buff arms of yours. It’ll most certainly motivate me to work harder on my arms xD.

    Best of luck on your workout!

  2. map0wt0fu says:

    wow Bao, I don’t even remember my dreams when I wake up. All that linger are a few meaningless flashbacks and some strange feelings o.o

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