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Will or won’t? It will…!

It’s really hard to describe the feeling you get when all of your efforts towards helping someone is in vain. Not the in vain kind of… in vain… where all of your efforts are inconsequential and your friend who you try to help fails despite your best efforts. But the “in vain” where your aid is quite unnecessary and maybe even unnoticed.

Like a helicopter pilot who deliberately crashes through a POW camp to free the people trapped within the cement walls… only to find out within his last dying moment, his final breath, that the prisoners have been freed only minutes ago.

Maybe in such extreme cases, people would feel sorry and maybe a twinge of regret. But that’s all. Isn’t it? But let’s lower the scale to our everyday life. If you went through so much trouble to achieve a certain result for a friend… and from total thin air you find out someone has beaten you to it… how would you feel? Disappointment… anger, maybe a bit of relief? You won’t even receive any credit for all the troubles you’ve gone through.

If you’re lucky, you’ve never been through such a thing like this before. But I bet that you will. Most of you are less than 20 years old. It will happen.

And speaking of vanity… let me introduce you to Neharika Bhardwaj, one of the few Indian people I know. Who is she? What is she? She’s smart, though a bit over the edge when it comes to sanity. She’s a sophomore, but will nearly always be a freshman. And… like every Indian person I know, she’s vegetarian. (Not to stereotype every Indian person out there. But seriously, I know around 8 and so far, it’s 8 for 8 and you guys are on a mean streak.)

I’ve answered what she is. But as for who she is, I think it’s good if we asked her ourselves. Standing by at her house is Neharika. Let’s have an interview!

[20:42] BaoWahRaNgErS:
[20:44] BaoWahRaNgErS: Who are you?
[20:45] ddrevolutionx3: i cant bleive you just asked that
[20:46] BaoWahRaNgErS: *aside* pretend it’s an interview
[20:46] ddrevolutionx3: oh i c
[20:46] ddrevolutionx3: ask me again
[20:46] BaoWahRaNgErS: okay
[20:46] BaoWahRaNgErS: *ahemmm
[20:46] BaoWahRaNgErS: who are you?
[20:46] ddrevolutionx3:
[20:46] BaoWahRaNgErS: *take 2
[20:47] ddrevolutionx3: i am a bubbly freshman who value grades a lot
[20:47] ddrevolutionx3: Sadly, that’s all we could get out of her before the police came in and tried to arrest us for the infringement of private property. She oughta notify her parents before letting a camera crew come in.



Signing off!

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  1. martinitram says:

    Saurav is Indian… PART indian that is…
    and he eats meat, just not beef

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