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Who is that? 0_o

Mysterious girl with Bao




There she goes...





There she goes again..





Who’s that mysterious person always smiling with me? Like some angel or demon, she seems to be always there, watching .. and watching, indirectly affecting the fluid course of my life. Stanley thought it was a girlfriend. Xi thought it was me. I wouldn’t have guessed she was related. Erik had no clue.

People, meet my cousin Sam! Stanley… disgustingly inaccurate. Xi… um ok? Erik, congratulations, you had the best guess. Applause applause applause! Sad…








[Umm… ok Andrew. Who’s that?]

Guys, you’re back!

[Alright, whatever makes ya happy. Who’s that?]

Well, some guy named Kevin thought she was my girlfriend.

[Is he right?]

[ 0_0 Omg Andrew, tell me no…]

Meet Sam’s sister Katt! [Phew -_-] Do you all see a weird trend where two people mistakened my two cousins to be my girlfriends?

[Why are we not surprised?]

Here we are all together.

[Bao you player >D]


Moving on!! 0_o

On my dad’s side, Sam and Katt are my favorite cousins. Seriously whenever I go to a party on my dad’s side, usually one of those dull deathday parties to celebrate a dead relative, it would be worse by tenfold with all of those meaner older cousins that demand unwavering respect. On the other extreme side of the spectrum are my younger counterparts… the more annoying ones. Of course, they’ve grown and matured and formed their own little faction and before I knew it, they’re just like us now with cellphones, iPods, and their own little cliches. Makes me sick for some reason. Well, at least there’s also Sam and Kat there to keep me sane.

Haha, I just had to write a post about my two lifesaving/sanitysaving cousins.

Will love you all always!

Aaand I wanted to experiment with photo options. What do you think of my blog’s new theme? Comments please?


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