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Aaaand let’s see what’s behind mistake number 2!! Ooh, the face on Mars!

Note to self: 6/4/2008, is officially the crappiest day I’ve ever experienced in my highschool life. One unlucky event, one after the other after the other, like a string of fire ants closing in for the miniscule pathetic little bug that happens to be my ego right now. Today started out really really tiring. My day started at midnight til two or three while I was searching high and low and literally tearing my house apart for my sky blue french binder.. all for naught. What seemed like a teaspoon’s worth of rest I dove blissfully into ended with the weatherman’s sickeningly cheerful voice. I swear I’m not a morning person anymore and whoever is can burn in hell.

I tripped while putting on pants and my chest fell against the sharp corner of the bed, leaving a huge red mark with blood stitched at odd distances. But noo time for bandages. HAHAHAH NOO. There I was, devoid of my damn french binder clambering into my dad’s car for the first period of HELL. The second reason why I was up til two was for chemistry. Okay, picture this as an example.

You’re a fireman and you just drove up the smoking Santa Cruz summit with your crew. You get out, don your boots and mask. You’re all set, ready to go when…

“No, you stay here with the truck. Let us handle it.” This from your commander.

Okay, how would that make you feel right now? Relieved? A little perhaps. Insulted?? I know I would be.

So you’re sitting there with the engine, it’s sirens silently flashing, leaning against the dashboard, radio within reach. All around you, firemen and firetrucks rush up the hill your team did a few minutes ago. A shadow accompanied by a drone passes as a fire plane dumps its load of suffocating mist. And then it hits you. Your team is calling in the reinforcements! And you’re just sitting here next to the radio waiting for the order to haul ass!

So, inevitably, the fire is contained and men start pouring from the hill in waves. There’s your team, exhausted. The commander comes to the engine, face black, sweating all over, takes one scathing look at you and says,

You’re an ass.

“I’ve been waiting by the engine the whole fucking time! I even radioed you to see if you needed help.”

“Yeah, you probably would’ve made things worse. Just drive us home…”

How pissed off would you be?? Even if you were the worst fireman on this planet, HEY, you’re still a fireman right? Well, that was basically my chemistry class for the day. There’s moi and the pissed off commander. Remember when I said friends here can get unreasonably irritated way more often then my other friends?

Fourth period, the period of death, waltzed along my path through high school life as I walked to fourth period French. During break, I’ve transferred what I had left of my french binder and lovingly crammed it into my folder. I hope to God it’ll be enough. Also in the period of death is part II of our finals, the essay.

Straight after sixth period ohhh boy was when the fire ants really came at it. My ride was 10 minutes late. I arrived at EVC.. late. They screwed up my ID, so I had to wait a fucking half hour in line, consequently making me 45 minutes late for my trig assessment test. Mistake number one. So I finally make it to the test center. I sit down with a huge urge to go to the bathroom. I barely pass the placement exam, which totally confused me. That was harder than people said it’d be. As I walked out looking at my paper, it suddenly dawned upon me.

Mistake number 2.

Recommendation: This score means the student qualifies to take Math 71 (Calculus) at Evergreen Valley College.

I was pissed. I wanted to make sure tribes in Peru heard the “FUUUCK!” coming out of my mouth. I stomp over to the career office, three words screaming in my mind: Wrongfuckingclass. I stand in line once again until this lady who’s face and attitude reminded me of Jabba the Hutt. Her condescending tone, her jaw, the look she gave me. Worst of all: her lack of knowledge. Do you NOT work here woman? HERE as in the counselor’s office? I go back to admissions and records and I see a sign: AWAY, be back by 4:30. It was 3:46.

-Crappy chem class, first period of HELL

-French class, fourth period of pain

-EVC, the worst college campus I’ve EVER known…

Fantabulous day everybody!!!

The face on Mars, mentioned in the title, is actually a face on Mars. Literally. It’s a face, staring upwards into space, first seen by a NASA Viking Orbiter photo in 1976.

Estimates of the dimension of the face suggests it to be 1.6 miles long, 1.2 miles wide, and 1500 feet high. Some say it was a monument left behind by long dead Martians. (Were they bored?) NASA’s official position is that the shadow is a trick of shadow and light. It’s simply a geographic formation. This was back in 1978. Why aren’t we going back? The location of the face is declared unfit for landing with a second Viking orbiter due to large hazards. Viking 2 ended up touching down in the Utopia region.

Here’s the face on Mars taken from a Viking orbiter:

And a more recent picture taken from the Express orbiter:

Two different views with different shadow/lighting conditions. Which one do you believe, considering the second one is computer generated?

Now one might argue, “Why would NASA supress such an awe-inspiring moment in history?” Some people say that NASA withheld some of the most compelling images. WHY?

Assuming they are of course, hiding information, they could simply be thinking that the human race isn’t ready to cope with such information. Mass panic would ensue, fire erupting on the streets as countless suicides leave law enforcement and media reeling. Still don’t get it? Next time, try yelling “FIRE!” at a dark, crowded movie theater and see what happens.



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