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OMG, you guys disgrace me…

Act II Scene I

Setting: Fourth period French class (Note: This is only an abridged version)

Bao finishes showing Madame Weiss his finished APT hwk. Some time passes.

Saurav: Oh Bao, Bao!

Bao: Yeah?

Saurav: Check this out. I can totally make Martin do whatever I want!

Bao: (Laughs) what the hell? Really?

Martin: (In a voice filled with despair) Oh my god Saurav no. Hella messed up! (Reaches under Saurav’s desk in an attempt to grope him)

Saurav: What the hell was that? That’s it Martin. Slap yourself.

Martin: (glares…) Damn it Saurav I’m sorry. PLEASE!

Saurav: Do it!

Martin: (mock cries, gives himself a slap)

Saurav: Wtf, that’s not a slap.

Martin: (Slaps himself harder)

Bao: (Laughs) Woow, Saurav.

Saurav: Martin, stand up, then sit down.

Bao: (thinking) In the middle of Weiss’s pronounciation sessions? THIS I have to see.

Martin: (whispers) Omg, Saurav, Pleaaaase!

Saurav: (smiling) C’mon Martin, you have to do it.

Martin: (stands up and sits down as fast as his “physique” can handle)

Bao: Martin. Wtf was that? You call that standing?

Saurav: Stand taller. Sing Can’t touch this and slap your ass.


Bao: Martin, you’re a friggin disgrace!

Martin: (Cries) I know Bao I know!

End scene

Now for my title. I came across an entry in my book of weird things about Christians defending Creationism. For those who don’t know, Creationism, nemesis of Evolutionism, is the theory that the creation of the universe told in the book of Genesis in the Bible, is literally true.


So, in order to combat the theory of evolutionism, one must provide evidence that contradicts evolutionism, which is exactly what we, as Christians, try to do. However, some of these claims embarass me so much for one or several of these reasons: They overlook basic scientific facts, they hide it from you completely (and intentionally), or they “plant” the evidence, also called hoaxing. Here are some I got from the book. Claims and proof (some by me, but sadly all are found in the book)

1. Earth creates helium (radioactivity) which builds up in the Earth’s atmosphere. The small amount of helium proves that Earth is still young, disproving the Earth’s age according to science. It doesn’t match the rate at which Earth generates helium through radioactivity or otherwise.

PSH! Okay, well, why do we use helium in balloons and blimps? Because they’re lighter than air. So, helium would simply escape into space. The sun releases helium every day and isn’t it much heavier than our little Earth? HA! AP CHEM at work!

2. Earth’s magnetic field decays and calculations show the Earth to be approximately 10,000 years old.

Yes, but doesn’t the magnetic field renew itself? (after research… YES)

3. There are instances where primitive fossils lie above advance fossils, disproving evolution.

Um, hello…. landslides!!!!! 😀

4. Chances of proper molecules assembling randomly into a living molecule is tiny. Therefore, there must be a greater power at work.

… It does NOT assemble randomly! (AP CHEM FTW)

5. Current rate of shrinkage of Sun would assume through calculations that the sun’s surface would’ve neared Earth’s orbit several million years ago if science was on the money. (Shrinkage… huh?) For now, I think the sun expands.

But each stage in the sun’s life occur at different rates. See? A simple scientific fact ignored.

6. THERMODYNAMICS (I’ve actually used this for fun.. and with much success) Evolution violates 2nd law of thermodynamics: Entropy (disorder) is always increasing. (AP CHEM!!!! and a bit of physics)

Yes, BUT! You can get order out of disorder… if you add energy! Take note kids and AP Physics bound people. [ahaha, sounds like Mr. Redillas talking] in the example shown by the book, let’s say you ordered and received an unassembled bicycle. Very disorderly, yes? Nuts and boats and frame here and there… but you apply energy through work and voila, you have a bike! Your energy comes from the food you eat, which ultimately grows because of the sun, which provides tons and tons of energy!

There are 8 other claims and truths found in the book “The Weird 100” by Stephen Spignesi but I’m way too lazy, plus it would be considered major plagiarism (gosh I hope this isn’t now… but I listed the source!)

Why did I spend time to write all of this? I just think that Christianity, like this, deliberately takes advantage of people’s lack of knowledge in certain areas and I think it’s just low. Don’t get me wrong, most of you already know I’m die-hard Christian. But religion (as Chris said) is based on faith.

A little patience wouldn’t hurt.


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  1. twilit says:

    Oh yay, not all Christians are ignorant and bullheaded. Interesting blog!

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