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SNAP!! Hii everybody!!! 😀 How are y’all doing? Doing great? Hahaha, awesome!!! Soo what’s up with you guys? AP testing finally over… now we just have to do finals and (for some) SAT testing on June. 

 Ahh, I have such a busy MY week ahead of me right about now. Okay, so Monday, today, is my only breather. Tuesday, I’m going to spend a full four hours with some of the worst kinds of kids that would make your life the most miserable ever. They’d make you want to FREMONT FRIEND beat the crap out of them, but hey I restrain. Oh my god, if my boss reads this now… I can’t wait til I quit. Only a few more weeks!!!

Wednesday… I’m headed towards DMV to take my written test for a permit. I still think there’s like a form I hafta SAYS  fill out but my dad is all wtf no there isnt are you high wtf  what is this? I So that’ll be kinda freaky because he’s going to juSHOULDst drop me off there and SHOW if things go wrong… I’m MYstranded til 4-4:30ish. Oh my god… >.<

Thursday!!!!!! is when I’m finally available to practice with Christine. Are you reading this? =] So… yeah, it’ll be sorta fun for me, because for now, I still have a page to learn with four sharps to worry about. Thank god the most I have to face are sixteenth notes…

Friday will be any normal Friday for me. Get out of school, drive home, practice my Moonlight Sonata (getting better at it! =D), go to piano practice, come home, eat out, Brawl… damn

Saturday, I’m PROTECTED going to have to wake my ass up early to go to my dad’s class reunion at some beach. It’s gonna suck because I’m not the social type of person I was oh say four years ago.

Sunday, I have homework and I will POST clean the house up for….

Monday’s BRAWL TOURNAMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I heard the world is going to end in 2011. Wouldn’t it suck if all of our classes and stress  we suffer to have a better future be all in vain?

what do you think i should do?


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  1. Saku-chan says:

    Do what you think is best… and yay! We can finally practice together!

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