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20 reasons of How SCHOOL life is taking over MY life =P

1. Cousin comes home and says she got a tan. Me: Wtf, what does sine and cosine have to do with anything???

2. First things that come to my mind in Holocaust: 6 million Jews, 12 million total. 6 million Jews, 12 million total. Remember that!

3. I read my AP chem book more often then I read my airplane books. HOW COULD THIS BE?!!?

4. I have a vague interest in Negima (Damn you Martin)

5. I get all excited checking out a book on writing college essays

6. When my cousins want me to do the wave, I think harmonic motion

7. Whenever someone thinks Tech Museum, I think Christmas in the Park (carolling)

8. I speak French in the shower.

9. When I number things, I count in French.

10. I find myself speaking French to my students.

11. I find myself writing in French when I’m bored.

12. When I swear in English, I think of the FRENCH equivalent. Merde!

13. When I watch a movie, I like to put up French subtitles.

14. When someone says Eastridge, I think Barnes and Nobles and, ultimately, brand-new, glistening study books and notecards.

15. I get excited when buying a pencil and eraser.

16. I walk out of the room when a commercial regarding school turns up.

17. A tree branch reminds me of pullups, which ultimately reminds me of MAC.

18. A website with a dark background reminds me of the community service website.

19. I once at least 3 times denied an offer to skip school from my parents.

20. On weekends, I think about staging “study” sessions.

School is coming along as fine as usual. It’s just that I have an AP Chemistry test on Tuesday (omg, tomorrow already?) So checklist: reread my book, clip ID to backpack, borrow a calculator, and study like there’s no tomorrow… for tomorrow.

Sunday was such an awesome time. Well, sorta kinda. I had fun with Saurav, Martin, and Vikki. I got a ride with Martin. We came at 10:30 in the morning, had Starbucks, and designed our own buildings. I got locked up in a public bathroom =P While in there, I found out how good my friends really are: crappy. If your friend got locked up in a public bathroom with autocleaning about to come on at any second, wouldn’t you be freaked out instead of jamming the door shut? (exaggeration)

And in other news, I’m sorta irritated at Martin for not starting the Mafia game. It’s been so long that I’ve completely lost my edge. My weapon is under my bed somewhere. My poison hot sauce I used the other day on my fried rice.

I’m totally freaking out. Why the hell am I writing this? Shouldn’t I be studying? Damn right! TTYL!

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  1. twilit says:

    Funny post…I love the sin/cos references. : )

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