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A LOT has happened in our game of assassin from Friday to today, April the 14th.

Topic 1: Marcus

On Friday, Marcus managed to kill two people within a few hours: Nam and Van. He’s now assigned to kill Saurav. Saurav is also to kill Marcus. They’re tied by two.

Topic 2: Audrey

On Sunday, in MLK, for the umpteenth time, Audrey failed to kill Saurav. It was kinda funny really. Audrey crafted a poisonous dart in the library and placed it on Saurav’s chair. Saurav was literally inches from dying. THen he noticed Vikki staring intently at his chair and Audrey pointedly looking away. The library was as fun as always.

TOpic 3: Finalists.

There are only 4 people remaining in the game.

Marcus: 2 kills
Saurav: 2 kills
Audrey: 1 kill
Kevin: 1 kill


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