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Today, the third of April, proved to be a pivotal turning point in our world of assassins. Today, my fellow assassins, we have… a new pack leader! For days and days, I have been waiting for a brave soul, a courageous soul, to step up and take action! We are now honoring this brave one. Our new leader is… Saurav! Yaaay!

What happened you may ask? Well, that question only contributes to the skill and expertise of Saurav’s techniques. How? Saurav commited a valid kill in the middle of a crowd… our crowd. That’s right. Beneath the noses of eight plus people, well over the maximum amount of witnesses required to make the kill invalid, the murder took fruition. The victim’s cries went unheard.

This kill also provides a strategic advantage for the rest of the players. Saurav has successfully assassinated Igor, who was until today, tied for first.

Current standings:

Saurav: 2 kills
Kevin: 1 kill
Nam: 0 kills
Marcus: 0 kills
Teresa: 0 kills
Van: 0 kills
Audrey: 0 kills
Stanley (deceased): 1 kill First blood
Igor (deceased): 1 kill
Vikki (deceased): 0 kills
Eddie (deceased): 0 kills
Martin (deceased): 0 kills

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