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My spring break

Results from Friday:
A failed assassination attempt on Audrey via poisoned gum took place on the steps after school. The assassin ironically was murdered only a few minutes after his attempt to poison Audrey. Nubcake =]

The deaths of Martin and Vikki also occured on Friday. Two people are killed, leaving 11 remaining players still in play. Vikki’s assassin expressed deep remorse over her death, saying he wishes it didn’t happen as fast. Apologies have been exchanged =D. Wimps… LOL.

And just as a clarification: if you find out that your target is also your assassin, it was NOT a mistake. Keep playing.

A vast expanse of emptiness, mysterious, dotted with white tiny orbs that speak of the distant future.

That’s my spring break schedule.

A whole lot of nothing! Not that I’m complaining =] After Monday at the library and Tuesday at work, there will be absolutely nothing for me to accomplish. So how should I occupy my time? Learn a Yiruma song? Indulge myself in the art of Brawl? Spend as much time as possible on AIM? Or a combination of all of them? Or how about going the opposite direction and study for the damn chemistry test on Tuesday…

Seriously, when are we going to the mall guys!? A schedule for break shouldn’t be so empty you can compare it to space…


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2 Responses

  1. Saku-chan says:

    Yay! Let’s procrastinate and go somewhere to goof off! 😀

  2. darkserpent says:

    Baooo!!! Let’s go to the mall on Wednesday, but Saurav cant come cuz he has to run some errands (u know his “secret”), so i guess Monday is ok too. Btw, the library opens hecka late on Monday (2-7pm). So what im thinking is if we choose to go to Great Mall on Monday, we can have a chem study session on Wednesday (10-4pm) and if we choose to go on Wednesday, then we can have a session on Monday (2-7pm) but im gonna need a ride home. =P
    So the ppl who r coming to Great Mall are: Me, Ed & Edd, Martin, Kevin, u, Kevin’s Fremont friends, and ur Fremont friends.Im gonna invite Nam and James later. Saurav said that he can go anyday exept Wednesday, and Marcus has to go to Vegas so hes out. =P

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