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You guys already know the general rules and objectives of our upcoming Assassin game. But there are more detailed rules Martin and I have created to maintain fairness of the game and for obvious safety issues. Some rules will be repeated in this list for emphasis. 

1. For a “kill” to be valid, it must be carried out in such a way that a) there are very few witnesses, preferably none b) the victim must be caught off guard. Any kills committed otherwise will be deemed invalid and you will lose your element of surprise. The victim still lives to play.

2. “Safe zones” are areas dubbed by the GMs (Martin and Yours truly) where no kills may take place. Gameplay still continues. The safe zones ARE: a) bathrooms b) classes c) work places. You may not kill a victim walking in or out of a safe zone, but you may assassinate him or her while she’s en route.

3. No “CHEAP SHOTS!” Ex: poison on doorknobs.. 4. No teams. It won’t work anyways. Van, Vikki, and I found out during lunch today. =P

 5.  Weapons may not be sharp enough to puncture skin or be hazardous in any way. Anybody caught attempting to kill a victim with such a weapon is automatically out for the round. Any further offenses of such nature may result in you being banned permanently

6. Direct kills are stabs, shootings, etc. If a kill is indirect (for example, a poisoned food source) you must have a way to prove to the victim that the food has been tampered with. You could, say, pour hot sauce into pasta, or tape a piece of paper with “POISON” written on it to the lunch tray. You must WITNESS the victim’s death for it to be valid and to see if the victim is surprised or not.

7. For now, each of you will have two targets, but also have two people hunting you down. Games begin when you’re given your kill assignments by the narrator, moi.

Oh and one more thing…Each kill must be reported to me, and I will ask the victim to confirm. HONOR SYSTEM PPLZ

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