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Is life a game?

The victim eats unaware of the two deceiving eyes focusing on the back of his exposed head from afar. The eyes glare intensely and an outsider would wonder why the victim’s head didn’t burn and smoke from the glare’s strength. The assassin stealthily moves forward, crouched, his eyes still staring intently at his prey. He reaches into his pocket… and pulls out a dull grey knife, a knife with a sinister purpose. He attacks… and releases a blood curling scream. The quarry looks back towards the source of the yell and his eyes betrayed horror. The knife lands right in the throat… and rips. The knife was made from paper.

“HA, you’re DEAD!” declares the assassin.

“… Fuck,” is the response of the murdered victim. The hired gun walks away, triumphant, marching back to the mystifying masked maestro to be assigned his next target. He never makes it back… being gruesomely murdered by a fluffy white sock thrown from afar.

Well my friends, welcome to the world of Assassin where friends are pitted against each other and fight to the death! I was so excited about this game that I just had to release some of this excitement. This will make life definitely more interesting.

In this game, you actually get to “kill” your victim. Each person has their own victim, assigned by the ref or the maestro. AND while each person has a victim to kill, he/she him/herself (rearranging it improperly provides amusing results =P) is also a prey of an unsuspecting friend. As you can all see, it’s all a huge circle of murder, paranoia, and deceit. Friends annihilate each other through direct contact whether it’s a cleverly concealed paper knife, a surprise green squirt gun, or a “Have a nice day!” sticker. In the end of these horrific battles, there may be only one left standing. Will it be you? Or will you be among the others, your blood shed, and your corpse sitting lifelessly, copying notes in math class?

Because of the prolonged existence of each round (estimates range between 1-2 weeks per), players could be provided with an incentive to survive: It’d be so mundane to be dead right? You’d be doing homework and studying while someone is mercilessly raped behind your back. Your head will turn and you’ll have a longing look in your eyes. People around you will get the wrong idea…

Yours truly


To be recruited:

If you would like to be in this game and you go to EVHS, feel free to contact Martin or me for entry, target assignments, etc. Game to commence soon and a meeting will be scheduled to establish ground rules and target assignments. (I think) for further details, you may talk to Martin! =D Yes, there will be rules. We can’t shoot each other during AP right?



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