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To talk to spirits and ghosts…

…use a ouija board!

What is it?

 A Ouija board is a ‘game” that consists of a board with letters, numbers, and words on it, and a planchete, which is a small triangular board supported by two casters (people) and a vertical stylus.

“What is it? ‘Ouija’ prophesies, forewarns and advises, as well as prefigures one’s destiny. “Ouija’s” revelation of what was, what is, and what is to come, rival the Delphic Oracles. The curtain is lifted, revealing the secrets of that debatable land between matter and spirit, and nature’s laws have no control over this marvelous instrument. The Unknown Land seems almost within our grasp, and the scientific mind strives to comprehend just where this borderland lies. The “Ouija” is without a doubt the most interesting, remarkable, and mysterious production of the twentieth century. Its operations are always interesting and frequently invaluable, answering, as it does, questions concerning the past, present, and future with marvelous accuracy. Price: $1.50″

– From 1940 Ralph E. Sylvestre & Company catalog for spiritualists and mediums

You’ve probably seen the Ouija board in countless horror ghost films. In The Exorcist, Regan uses a Ouija board to chat with her friend Captain Howdy, who is REALLY Pazuzu, a demon that soon possesses Reagan.



Before (and if) we decide to try out the Ouija board (probably gonna buy it at the Great Mall?) there are some ground rules we must set up, mostly for safety.

–  NEVER use a Ouija board alone and NEVER EVER EVER use it in a place where spirits may gather (graveyards, sites of personal tragedy, etc.)

– treat contacted spirits with the utmost courtesy and respect. Do NOT ask them about the future, when and how you’re going to die, or about God.

-If the spirit counts the numbers backwards or recite whole alphabet, they can escape the board. Don’t let them.

-If the plachette repeatedly makes a figure-eight, it means an evil spirit is in control of the board

-to protect yourself while using the Ouija board, imagine white light entering, filling, and then surrounding your body

-The only way to protect yourself if an evil spirit gains control of the board however is to begin IMMEDIATELY using the planchette upside down.

-And finally, do not try to destroy a Ouija board by burning it… for several reasons:

1) The portal between mortal and spirit worlds will still be open

2) The board will scream and anybody who hears it will have only 36 hours to live

Is there any truth to the belief that a Ouija board really works? Well…there have been accounts from people who have used a Ouija board… and have been given information that later proved to be correct. It has strong critics and equally strong believers.


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4 Responses

  1. dillon says:

    see thats y i dont fuck around with ouija boards, im a wiccan nd i dont even want to mess with it. im not to fond of demonic spirits, they tend to have a way of really fucking with you. if the spirit is already there, thats fine with me but usually conjuring spirits isnt a good thing in my opinion.

  2. tasha webb says:

    i was just playing it today and that shit is creepy like hell thats excatly y i was just watching and not playing and no spirit about 2 come haunt me cuz i didnt play rite thats my opinion

  3. none of ya buisness says:

    I want 2 talk 2 ma dead father please!? 😥

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