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More numbers!!!!

I decided to start a Part II from the numerology post, one of the very first. Hopefully if you’ve seen it, you might’ve become a bit less narrow-minded with numerology. But most of you are probably wondering, “How does this apply to me?” Yes in modern day society, most things have to be about you doesn’t it? But do not worry. I have a special activity for you. =] It might be helpful to have out a pencil and scratch paper, for this involves a little math. But I have a very smart audience (=]) and I think many of you will be able to do this in your head.

Everybody has a special number. Well… two special numbers to be exact. Your most important number is your birthforce number. Your birthforce number can be found by adding up all the digits in your birthdate until you arrive at a 1 digit number. Each number demonstrates a different personality.

1. Strength of will and individualism
2. Reason and docility
3. Happiness and energy
4. Stability and organization
5. Self-confidence and impatience
6. Art and balance
7. Thought and introspection
8. Leadership and materialism
9. Mental and spiritual wisdom

Once again, to find your birthforce number, take your bdate, and continuously add the digits until you reach a one digit answer.

Example: Bao’s bdate: 10/26/1990.

1) Add up all digits: 1+0+2+6+1+9+9+0 = 28

2) Repeat: 2+8 = 10

3) Repeat: 1+0 = 1.

Conclusion: Birthforce number equals 28/1. (28 from the second result) Now, the most important number is the denominator, but you’re also supposed to look at the numerator to find where the 1 came from. The one means that I have strength of will and individualism. If you do not know me well, you probably assume that this calculation is totally inaccurate. Bao is WEAK!!!

PSHAW!!!! Most of my best friends from Fremont will find this characteristic to be 100% valid. MOVING ON!!!!!
[Wtf? We thought that’s all you need to know.]

Au contraire. While I did give you my birth force number, supposedly the most important one, there is still the name number.

Okay. There are several ways to calculate your name number, but one popular system is based on the Hebrew alphabet and uses the digits one through eight.



p>The chart may look confusing. I had to fix it so it’ll look accurate on the blog. Basically you read it by columns. 1 = A, I, Q, J, Y. 2 = B, K, R. etc etc

Now, spell out your full name and put the corresponding numbers beneath each letter.

B A O A P H A M (A. = Andrew, my middle name. Try just 1st and last name or my way. Both are valid.)
2 1 7 1 8 5 1 4

1) 2+1+7+8+5+1+4 = 29

2) 2+9 = 11

3) 1+1 = 2 Two indicates that I have reason and docility. Apply your birth force number and your name number and see what you can come up with =] For example, my reading shows that I have strength of will and individualism [You commie bastard!!!!1]. Strength of will can imply stubborness. (I want it MY WAY BITCH!) Soooo, I can be stubborn because of my will, though I also reserve a sense of reason and many of you know how docile and calm I am.

Don’t believe all this works? Let’s look at some real live examples!!

Eddie Truong: 5+4+4+1+5+4+2+6+7+5+3 = 46

46 = 10 = 1. Sooo, 46/1 Eddie? You also have strength of will and individualism or else you would’ve given up on the MAC before its fruition and you would’ve abdicated leadership to the Wushu people. Your strength of will and individualism is from stability and organization (you’ve organized the community service curriculum and the club and the forums (forums iono)) and you have achieved art and balance.. through martial arts. See??? This makes a certain amount of sense. Remember this may not be completely accurate because it’s his name number. Birth numbers are much more important.

Van Kieu: 1/21/1990 = 23 = 5 = 23/5: Van’s reason and docility (we know he has that) plus his happiness and energy (He has too much of those) leads to his self-confidence and impatience. Definitely impatience when he teaches Kevin Calculus and me Chemistry and is always overconfident in a good game of chess.

Saurav Agrawal: 10/31/1991= 25 = 7. Saurav has reason and docility [wtf. Well, I guess he sort of does. Reason, definitely.] and self confidence and impatience [HELL YEAH] which leads to thought and introspection. Saurav always has introspection especially when it comes to grades. But don’t we all?

Other important numbers are also present and if you run across one of these numbers in your calculations, they may apply.

11: (Mine) This was the number of Christ’s faithful desciples and thus stands for revelation and truth.

12: Veery significant number. Associations include 12 signs of Zodiac, 12 hours in day and night, 12 Gods of Olympus, 12 Tribes of Israel, 12 apostles, and 12 days of Christmas. As a result, 12 stands for completeness.

13: Traditionally considered an unlucky number that signifies doom and bad luck. Supposedly, it’s bad reputation stems from the fact that Jesus and his 12 disciples totalled 13 men, and the 13th men, Judas, was a traitor that indirectly killed Jesus.

22: Also said to be important because there are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet and because there are 22 cards in the “major arcana” of the Tarot deck. Also signifies completeness.

40: This number also has many associations in history and religion. Examples include the 40 days and nights Moses was stuck on his boat during the Flood, the 40 days he spent on Mt. Sinai, and the 40 days Jesus spent fasting in the desert. Once again, it signifies completeness.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think you should hope for numerology to be 100% accurate. Sure, it IS surprisingly right on for many people (certainly surprised me). But do not base people’s personality on some names and numbers. It’s a bad idea.

six words six words six words six words YES!!!!!!!

This post now has officially 1000 words after the YES!!!!!!

After thought: HOLY FUCK! This blog was SO fucking annoying to edit. OVER AND OVER again I had to fix the damn letter chart. And soo many errors I had to go back and fix it’s not even funny. Shit! I don’t think it was even worth it to post this one.

DAMMIT! Reading it over I thought this post was HELLA boring. But no I’m not gonna delete or else I would’ve wasted 30 minutes of my life over nothing.


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