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EVerybody Has a Song

Have any of you ever heard a song where you’re like, “How the hell does the singer know my situation? Is he f*&king stalking me!?” The truth is, everybody has a song [most likely more than one ] that most relates to them. Sooo, I’m going to continue those retarded games of tag, where I tag them, and they have to do the thing. Since I’ve chosen to tag Eddie and Van, they must post music that most relates to them. Well, okay, I’m starting the tagging game, but it’s just a really subtle attempt to get to know people better.

So, my song is “Dear Jamie… Sincerely Me.” I couldn’t upload it, so

 If you wanted to be tagged, please feel free to tag yourself =]

Xi Chen is the scariest person I know, and also one of my best friends. Scary because I feel that sometimes we’re closely connected… but not in the way that Martin always thinks. Sometimes, we literally think the exact same thing simultaneously.

V5Rocket (10:32:09 AM): so
baowahrangers (10:32:14 AM): was it in europe?
V5Rocket (10:32:18 AM): OMG
V5Rocket (10:32:19 AM): HOW U KNOW
baowahrangers (10:32:23 AM): CRAZY
V5Rocket (10:32:24 AM): i was just about to say that
baowahrangers (10:32:27 AM): LOL
V5Rocket (10:32:27 AM): OMG
V5Rocket (10:32:29 AM): WOW

V5Rocket (7:23:18 PM): like u know u wake up in the future
V5Rocket (7:23:19 PM): ya
baowahrangers (7:23:21 PM): and everyone else is like
baowahrangers (7:23:24 PM): what r u talking about?!
V5Rocket (7:23:28 PM): ya
V5Rocket (7:23:30 PM): EXACTLY

Okay, I know it doesnt sound significant on blog. It’s those “You had to have been there” moments.
We discuss EVERYTHING!! Religion, why we’re always so thirsty, get-rich-quick schemes. You name it.

Erik Feldmeier, another best friend of mine, was the first person I’ve ever conversed with in Fremont. It started with a casual game of football and then other stuff. He has a Wii, an X-Box, a mansion… (Andrew, he sounds like the epitome of a filthy rich snotty arrogant bastard) Well, yeah, but he’s a nice arrogant bastard. A friendly bastard. You don’t see too many of those around do ya?

Thomas Feldmeier, the younger brother of Erik. Thomas probably has the most interesting love life out of all of us. He likes so many people, and he can’t figure out who he likes more at times. But due to privacy issues, I can’t really give you all the juicy details. =]

Melanie Jee was an extremely influential person in my life and still is now. Man, I can hardly remember what she’s like anymore. We keep a semi-constant stream of emails going, but it’s just not the same. The first time I met her was when I went to fourth period math and saw her fighting with my best friend Vincent. Ironically enough, Melanie and I became awesome friends!

Last but not least is Vincent Leong. In the sixth grade he was considered just above retarded. He was immature too… as was I =D HOWEVER, 7th grade and up, something changed. I don’t know what changed, or maybe it was just me. Vincent became cool, and that’s that. I’m pretty sure most of the school wouldn’t’ve agreed with me at the time, but he’s still a best friend from 6th grade and up. My first day in 6th grade at MSJE and I already had to spell antidisestablishmentarianism. As you could’ve guessed, I was more than intimidated, but Vincent helped pull me through.

Many of you would be thinking who these people are.

In a previous life, a more carefree one, I was actually popular… [no freaking way Andrew, you pathetic liar] Well, my definition of popular is extremely different from the general world’s. My definition of popular was knowing a lot of people on a personal basis.

It’s not about the groups of people you hang out with.

It’s not about the cliches.

That’s retarded, who thought of that? It’s about how many friends you make, how many enemies you make. It’s how you spend your time getting to know people better and solving problems. People didn’t have to think you were the coolest shit in the world.

They just had to like you for who you are and the things you do.

In middle school, I thought I knew over half the 7th graders. When 8th grade came, I was casted down, moved to Chaboya, and I became the loneliest person I knew. I guess I’ve left all my sense of friendship in Fremont with my friends. Many of you can see that I’m not as social and probably most of you never thought I was ever “popular.”

Well, finals week is “final”ly over. Yesss yes, laugh at my feeble attempt at humor. But seriously, I always have one unspoken rule about finals week: NEVER ASK ME HOW IT WENT!!! Seriously, isn’t it bad enough living finals week once? Is it seriously worth it to relive those horrible moments with only you, a scantron, and a packet? Next time anybody asks me how finals were, I’ll set my phone on vibrate, shove it down his/her throat, and call it every 10 seconds.

Well, hope you’ve enjoyed the song and my out-of-format post =]


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