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The cold hard bar of reality

Romance is like the cheese in a mousetrap. It baits you into position so the hard, cold bar of reality can come down and snap your neck.

-Dr. Becker

Life is generally dull for me. Other times, it seems like a nightmare from a cheap horror movie. And there are just THOSE days where it seems like you’re surrounded by sex and talks about sex. Those days are becoming more and more common for me. Sometimes when I wake up at 3 in the morning, I find out that my shirt is off and my boxers… gone… and my pants still on! Suspiciously, I also find the bedroom window open whenever this phenomenon occurs. I wonder if the neighbor’s daughter is having fun with me. Disturbing thought, as she’s 22. 0_0

If I ever get another girlfriend, [omfg, GIRLfriend EDDIE] the one thing I’d want from her is for her to be able to break through my mask at times of pain. I’d want her to be funny, but not the type of people who just cracks up jokes to break up awkward moments. I’d want someone who’d know the importance of silence, and enjoy just being near each other. I’d want her to work hard, but knows when it’s ok to have fun, and vice versa. I’d want her to be pretty. Just pretty. Whenever I try to picture waking up with someone like that, a body appears, but she doesn’t have a face… yet.

truong1236 (10:19:18 PM): i yearn for the steamy hot night we perceived together yesterday
truong1236 (10:19:28 PM): and the night before and every touch we shared together
truong1236 (10:19:43 PM): my undying passion for you has yet to have ceased

baowahrangers (10:23:30 PM): i can’t explain the sensations during
baowahrangers (10:23:34 PM): but i remembered after
baowahrangers (10:23:44 PM): exhaustion
baowahrangers (10:23:46 PM): and a huge ass migraine
baowahrangers (10:24:26 PM): oh eddie

baowahrangers (10:18:04 PM): regarding ur offline IMs
baowahrangers (10:18:09 PM): eddie, the feeling is mutual
baowahrangers (10:18:16 PM): but im afraid the relationship may continue no longer
baowahrangers (10:18:23 PM): i long for your touch
baowahrangers (10:18:31 PM): oh god

That puts my quote into context. However, what Eddie did NOT post was:

truong1236 (10:19:43 PM): my undying passion for you has yet to have ceased
baowahrangers (10:19:47 PM): go to hell u dickhead
truong1236 (10:19:55 PM): LOL
baowahrangers (10:20:12 PM): omg, grossing me out

If you’re ever alone in a survival situation, the shock of realizing that you are lost can be mentally crippling, but you still must hope for the best and plan for the worst. Stay put if you’re not sure of the way out and you know that people are looking for you. Remain calm. Usually it is best to stay where you are and build a shelter. This is especially true if you’re injured or lacking food. Carefully study your surroundings. Find water, a possible open area for a signal fire [how to light a fire, coming up next post]. Build a safe, SIMPLE, comfy shelter and fire ASAP.
Once all of that is achieved, form a plan. A survival plan will alleviate your fears and your confidence and morale will increase. Any shiny object may be used to attract the attention of passing aircraft. Do NOT attempt to find your way out unless you have the basic necessities of food, water, and shelter.

I personally think this post was shit. But strangely enough, I found the survival section to be the most practical of all my posts ever. However, I shall not be continuing survival posts [after teaching you ppl how to make a fire of course], as playing poor, stranded bastard doesn’t appeal to me anymore than weather man. soo,

signing off..


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