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Grandfathers and murder

Stepping backwards into a portal of time will present many interesting, and often times lethal, situations. What if the Confederates were given aircraft factories? What if John F. Kennedy was saved from the crack of a rifle? What if Chinese Junkers had discovered the New World before Spanish Galleons? How different may the world be?

Let’s take a look at one of the most famous problems involving time travel, the Grandfather Paradox.

Let’s say, for whatever reason, you step back several decades, and accidently kill [yep you guess it] your dear old grand dad. (0_0, you WOULDN’T) Yeah yeah, I know! [actual reactions from people like Vikki and others] But just take it hypothetically. Killing your grand-daddy creates a paradox, because if your grandfather is dead, then one of your parents would never have been born, so how could you have been brought into the world? You’d be nonexistant. But wait! If you were nonexistant, how is it possible for you to kill your grandfather in the first place? And the cycle [if you see it] continues on and on and on.

This shouldn’t be possible right? Maybe it won’t be able to happen. A theory states that no matter how hard you try, you will never create a paradox. The gun you bring with you will jam. You will find that you’ve forgotten to pack bullets. You’ll find out that your grandfather moved to an unknown address. No matter how hard you try, a series of unfortunate events [wtf?] will prevent you to.

Yet another theory states that there exists an infinite amount of universes, with many different possibilities. Such as if Hitler had won the war, or the United States never did beat the Soviets to the moon. The instant you kill your grandfather, you are transfered into that alternate universe, where paradoxes are tolerated, or one where you live as a freak of logic.

Kali, Jacob, and Brett. These seniors are my lab partners for the hellish class of AP Chemistry and AP Lab. It’s difficult for me to describe them, as I’m only a lab partner at best. But from what I can figure out, Kali is an extremely open minded person, eager to try out new things. [new comedians definitely] She’s also a diligent lab partner and works constantly to improve her grade. Brett enjoys first person shooting games. In fact, he takes it up another notch. He goes aerosofting. 0_0 Jacob…. the icebreaker in our group. Labs are always more enjoyable with him cracking up creative humor. [though I must admit, it contributes to a lesser academical atmosphere] I’m lucky to be in such a group with diverse personalities. Imagine if everyone in the group was a serious, frowning super-nerd.

We’ve lived through two out of three storms already. Yes, there’s still one out there, and it should hit by tomorrow. Just a reminder. I’m going to keep this section short because playing weather man is just waay too dull. Plus I’m still looking for another interesting topic. So…

signing off…


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