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god had fun

I’m gonna go Russell Peters on you guys here.

I think God had fun when he created Asian people. It’s the only explanation for why Asians are so freaking smart, but have absolutely NO common sense. *Oh oh I know! How about I make the people in this continent gooood with computers, gooood with math, and goooood with kungfu. But juuuuuuuuuust to screw them over, I’ll take away their brains. Yeah, that sounds funny* (Andrew, where are you going with this?)

A few weeks ago, I had the flu. Horrible flu. I must’ve puked around half a bag. I could see strands of spaghetti in it =P And then there are the chills. It was so cold with a two layers of blankets and I had one helluva time going to sleep. Took me around a few hours? I finally went to bed… only to be awakened in three minutes. There was my mom saying, “Bao, here’s a sleeping pill.” My mum…woke me up… to give me sleeping pills. Ladies and gentlemen, perfect example of what I’ve been saying. =P Holy shit.

I thnk in the last post, I’d say I’d introduce my friends to you.
I’m so freaking popular, it’d be so hard to list every single friend. I guess I’ll start by killing two birds with one stone first and start on Martin Nguyen and Teresa Le, who hang out with us and are each other’s cousins.

Oy, the two together could be handfuls at certain times. If you live pure and sheltered lives, run…cower…make yourself as small as possible. These are the most perverted people I know. Between Martin’s tentacle rape fantasies and Teresa’s sponge monster.. (collective shudders) These teenagers are EVHS’s Scylla and Charybdis. Choose your poison.

Saurav Agrawal. Just from glancing at the name, you can tell the guy’s Indian… or as how Eddie denouncingly puts it: “Sub”asian. He’s a major league suck up, gives the bird to his teachers [behind the back of course], and loves watching “Legally Blonde.”=]

Eddie Truong is a very accomplished, ambivalent, semi-serious kind of guy with a myriad of personalities. I don’t really know what to say about him without boring my audience. [if I even have one] In a nutshell, he’s president of the Martial Arts Club and a major player in some Vietnamese women’s organization. Damn, that sounds kinda wrong.

I’ll cover more people as I go along, I’m waay to lazy at this point.

The art of numerology is taken seriously in some cultures, and even in modern society. We have lucky 7, and unlucky 13 for example. In China, their unlucky number is 11. It might be more jinxed and therefore more credible than 13. Seriously, the last time 13 was unlucky was during the 1970’s. [Apollo 13]

Let’s take a look at the epitome of an American tragedy: 9/11. Analyzing… analyzing… analyzing…

9/11- 11th day of September.
9/11- 9+1+1=11.
9/11- after 9/11, there will be exactly 111 days left in the year.
From afar, the Twin Towers look like a ginormous 11.
The first plane to hit was American Airline Flight 11.
New York was the 11th state to join the union.
“New York City” has 11 letters in it.
“The Pentagon” has 11 letters in it.
“Afghanistan” has 11 letters in it.
“George W. Bush” has 11 letters in it.

Numerology may seem credible after all…

Signing off…

Oh OH! Forgot! BTW, Happy 2008 everybody! Be careful though, 2009 is coming up, adds up to 11, and is the year when we graduate o.0


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