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how fitting…

okay! i started my blog on the last day of the year. very appropriate, tho i think it should’ve been started tomorrow. for those of u who don’t know me, i’m bao (hiiiiii bao =P) its pronounced bow, like when u bend over to an audience, but it’s been pronounced boa, bale, bob, bo-ah, oh so many ways. for those of you who thinks the name is too weird, u may call me andrew. (hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii andrew :P) hi guyz! i’m andrew/bao, 17, hottest guy u’ll ever see, one of the tallest azn ppl you’ll ever see (*stiffled laughs and longing sighs from the ladies =D), and (matter still under discussion from the greatest minds of the world) the most perverted person u may ever meet. (and also the most fascinating) (eddie and friends: BOOOOOOOOOO) yar.. i’ll give em an intro second post =P this post is just an attempt to make me fascinating… how successful it is i may never know

today, i did some research on one of the oldest societies in the world: I.F.E.R.S.
IFERS is short for the International Flat Earth Research Society. YAR, believe it or not, tehre are still ppl out there who DO believe the earth is FLAT.
Despite what its name may suggest, not EVERYONE in the society thinks the earth is flat. 0_0 some r there just to argue against the most random things, such as scientific endeavors, government reforms, w/eee. u can basically call them the “anti-everythings.”

then… there are those OTHER ppl, who do actually think that the aussies do not hang upside down every waking moment like bats. to them, the earth is like a CD or DVD, with da north pole in the middle, and countries surrounding it, top closest to the center (like the symbol for the UN) however, there’s also antarctica, on the edge. we’ve never been to antarctica, b/c there’s a huge wall surrounding it. several hundred feet high i’d imagine. the space shuttles and satellites are fake. ppl have never space walked or landed on the moon for that matter.

but seriously, the notion that the earth is round is LUDICROUS. reasonable, sane, intelligent ppl kno that the earth is flat – condensed quote of Keller or something, prez. of IFERS.

well, if u’ve found that fascinating, than im the (hot beyond reason) guy for you. do tune in tomorrow =P i shall blog about my life and oh so random things. did u kno that american airlines once saved $400000 by eliminating ONE olive from all of their salads in 1st class?

ttyl =p


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